About milla milla's pattern

  • All milla milla patterns are made with seam allowance. Please cut on the outer most line.
  • Depending on the size of the patterns it may be necessary to paste pieces together. Match the parts and attach with paste or glue. There may be an error of a few millimeters due to printing characteristics. If so, make sure to paste both sides together as evenly as possible.
  • Check the placement of the notches.( notches)
  • Please note that knit patterns can only be made from knit fabrics.
  • Before sewing please refer to a PDF file from "For beginner sewing" page. It is a helpful booklet for making clothing. Also, a tank top pattern is available for free. You can download and make it to make sure your dog's size before you purchase patterns. 
  • If you cannot understand how to sew the patterns, please contact us by email. You can also visit our blog(Japanese), milla milla wiki(Japanese), where there is information about basics of sewing with sewing machine.
  • Please note that instructions may be revised.
  • When you get our pattern, please confirm that there are no missing parts. Also, make sure the pattern fits your dog. If it does not fit, make slight changes before cutting. If you are going to make a dog wear with high-quality materials, please baste the materials. We do not have responsible for any mistakes after cutting.
  • Copyright and distribution rights
    milla milla owns the copyright and distribution rights of the original pattern and recipes we sell. We ban copying, transcribing, diversion, or posting our original patterns and recipes without our permission. *Also, we forbid selling our original patterns at Internet auction, retail, flea market, etc.
  • About commercial use
    We permit that you sell dog wears you made with our pattern (do not sell our patterns and recipes). We would appreciate it if you tell us before you sell it. Sell dog wears you made under your own responsibility.