About milla milla's pattern

  • All milla milla patterns come with included seam allowances. Please use the outermost line for cutting. Due to paper size constraints, some patterns may need to be pieced together. Align and secure with adhesive where indicated. Do note that slight discrepancies of a few millimeters might arise due to printing characteristics. If so, ensure the mismatches are evenly distributed when piecing together. Verify notches.( notches)
  • Patterns designed for knit fabrics are strictly for knit materials. Before starting, we recommend visiting our "For Beginners" section to review "For beginners sewing" A free tank top pattern is available for download, allowing you to test the fit for your dog. If unsure about sewing techniques, feel free to contact us via email. We also periodically introduce basic sewing tips on our blog and discuss pattern adjustments.

    Please be aware that milla milla's instructions might undergo revisions. While we strive for perfection in our patterns, always check all parts and compare against your dog's measurements before cutting. Especially when using costly fabrics, do a trial run using muslin or a similar material. milla milla cannot be held responsible for post-cutting mishaps.

  • Copyright & Sales Rights:
    All rights, including copyright and sales rights of patterns and recipes sold by milla milla, are owned by milla milla. Regardless of the reason, unauthorized copying, transcribing, repurposing, website postings, or video tutorials using our patterns/recipes are strictly prohibited. Please refrain from selling these patterns, whether used or unused, on online auctions, in-store, or at flea markets.

  • About commercial use
    We permit that you sell dog wears you made with our pattern (do not sell our patterns and recipes). We would appreciate it if you tell us before you sell it. Sell dog wears you made under your own responsibility.