When you are not sure which size of pattern you should choose for your dog

When you are not sure which size is better for your dog, refer to the following.

1) The order of size selection criteria

You will need to measure your dog's neck, torso, back length, and weight and choose a size by these criteria in the following order:

3.back length

Back length is the last because it is the easiest to adjust, but chest circumference is the most difficult to adjust.

2) Leeway

After you precisely measured the girth, neck and so on, you will need to add some leeway so that the dog will be able to move around easily.

If you are using knit fabric,

  • Small dog (3S-M, DS, DM): Girth  +2-3 cm, neck  around +2 cm
  • Medium dog (L-3L, FB): Girth  +4-5 cm, neck  +2-3 cm
  • Large dog (4L-8L): Girth +7-8 cm, neck +3-4 cm

If you are using regular fabric (down jacket, raincoat, shirt, etc.),

  • Small dog: Girth  +4-5 cm, neck  +2-3 cm
  • Medium dog: Girth  +6-7 cm, neck  +3-4 cm
  • Large dog: Girth  +8-10 cm, neck  +5-6 cm

*1 cm = 0.4 inches
*Leeway at neck is small because dogs have no shoulders. The dog wear will slip down if the neck circumference is too big. Measuring the neck precisely should be just about right.
*Because regular fabric does not stretch, it needs more leeway than knit fabric.
Example: Making a sweatshirt for a dog with the girth of 43 cm and the neck of 26 cm
Since this example is a small dog, choose medium size (girth: 47 cm, neck: 29 cm).

3) If the pattern you download is too large or small

You can get your desired size by enlarging or reducing the scale before copying, so please choose the size closest to the girth of your dog.
Then enlarge or reduce the scale based on the girth.

Example: How to choose a down jacket for a dachshund with the girth of 46 cm, when DS is too small and DM is too large.
Since the down jacket will be made of regular fabric, add 5 cm of leeway to the girth.

The length will be 51 cm, so DM (53 cm) is the closest size.

51 ÷ 53 = 0.962

You can make a pattern for a 51.4 cm chest circumference by reducing the size of the DM pattern to 97%.

4) If either the chest or neck circumference is too large or small

If either the girth or neck is too large or small, you will need to adjust the pattern separately.
In this case, please see "Pattern adjustments, etc.(Japanese)" on the top right of the homepage.