When you are not sure which size of pattern you should choose for your dog

When you are not sure which size is better for your dog, refer to the following.

1) Choosing the Right Size for Your Dog

When selecting the appropriate size for your dog based on the four measurements: neck, chest, length, and weight, please prioritize in the following order:

1.Chest circumference
2.Neck circumference

The reason length is listed last is because adjusting the length is the simplest. Conversely, adjusting the chest circumference is the most challenging, and we recommend selecting a size that fits closely in that area without the need for alterations.

2) Allowance for Movement

After measuring the chest and neck, it's crucial to add a bit of allowance to ensure your dog moves comfortably.

If you are using knit fabric,

  • Small breeds (3S to M, DS, DM): Add 2-3cm (approx. 0.8-1.2 inches) to the chest and 2cm (approx. 0.8 inches) to the neck.
  • Medium breeds (L to 3L, FB): Add 4-5cm (approx. 1.6-2 inches) to the chest and 2-3cm (approx. 0.8-1.2 inches) to the neck.
  • Large breeds (4L to 8L): Add 7-8cm (approx. 2.8-3.1 inches) to the chest and 3-4cm (approx. 1.2-1.6 inches) to the neck.

If you are using regular fabric (down jacket, raincoat, shirt, etc.),

  • Small breeds: Add 4-5cm (approx. 1.6-2 inches) to the chest and 2-3cm (approx. 0.8-1.2 inches) to the neck.
  • Medium breeds: Add 6-7cm (approx. 2.4-2.8 inches) to the chest and 3-4cm (approx. 1.2-1.6 inches) to the neck.
  • Large breeds: Add 8-10cm (approx. 3.1-3.9 inches) to the chest and 5-6cm (approx. 2-2.4 inches) to the neck.

*The lesser allowance for the neck is because dogs don't have shoulders like humans. If the neck measurement is too generous, the outfit can slip down. Ideally, the neck area should fit snugly.

*Non-stretch fabrics don't give as knits do, necessitating more allowance.
For example: If choosing a sweater for a dog with a 43cm (approx. 16.9 inches) chest and 26cm (approx. 10.2 inches) neck measurement - being a small breed - you'd opt for a size with around 45cm (approx. 17.7 inches) for the chest and 28cm (approx. 11 inches) for the neck. This suggests picking size M (chest 47cm/approx. 18.5 inches, neck 29cm/approx. 11.4 inches).

3) Adjusting for Overall Size

If you find a pattern size that's either too large or too small, consider resizing it with enlargement or reduction copying for a better fit. Start by selecting the size closest to your dog's chest measurement and adjust from there.

For instance, let's say you're choosing a down jacket for a Dachshund with a 46cm (approx. 18.1 inches) chest. If size DS feels too small, and DM too large, you'd proceed as follows:

Since down jackets are made from woven fabric, you should allow an extra 5cm (approx. 2 inches) for the chest, making it 51cm (approx. 20.1 inches). The closest size would be DM with a 53cm (approx. 20.9 inches) chest.

To calculate the reduction:

51cm ÷ 53cm = 0.962

This suggests that if you reduce the DM pattern to 97%, you'll get a pattern with a chest measurement of 51.4cm (approx. 20.2 inches).

4) Adjusting for Disproportionate Chest or Neck Measurements

If your dog has a particularly large or small chest or neck in comparison to the rest of their measurements, individual pattern adjustments will be required. In such cases, please consult our section on "Pattern adjustments, etc.(Japanese)".