Sewing Essentials for Crafting Dog Apparel

Aside from your sewing machine, here are some frequently used tools and handy gadgets to make your sewing experience smoother.

Sewing Essentials for Dog Apparel

A. Fabric Scissors
These are essential for cutting fabric. Smaller scissors are nimble and very convenient for the petite parts of dog clothing.

B. Craft Scissors
Use these for cutting out patterns. Fabric scissors can dull if used on paper, so keep craft scissors handy for this task.

C. Thread Snips
U-shaped thread snips, also known as 'squeeze scissors,' save you the effort of opening blades to cut and choose one with a comfortable grip to avoid hand fatigue.

D. Tweezers
These come in handy when sewing with a machine.

E. Seam Ripper
Invaluable for undoing stitches or opening buttonholes when alterations are needed.

F. Chalk Pens
Available in various types like chalk or pencil forms. The types that dispense powder from the tip consistently create fine, clean lines.

G. Tracing Wheel
Used with tracing paper to transfer marks without damaging the pattern or paper thanks to its rounded edges.

H. Awl
Great for making holes for snaps, shaping corners, or guiding fabric while sewing. A smooth tip prevents fabric damage.

I. Knit Machine Needles
Choose the right size (#9, #11, #14) based on fabric thickness.

J. Pins
Opt for fine pins that leave minimal marks and consider heat-resistant pins for ironing.

K. Craft Clips
Ideal for temporarily securing thick fabrics or materials prone to pinholes. Mini clips offer precise control.

L. Ruler
Transparent rulers with grid lines, ranging from 30 to 50 cm, are particularly useful.

M. Measuring Tape
Choose a soft, flexible tape for measuring your dog's size comfortably.

N. Ironing Ruler
Allows you to measure and press hems or folds accurately, including curves.

O. Pattern Weights
Keep your pattern in place on the fabric while tracing. Having more than two is beneficial.

P. Sewing Thread
Standard thread for sewing regular fabrics.

Q. Knit Machine Thread - Top Thread
Polyester thread for the upper threading.

R. Knit Machine Thread - Bobbin Thread
Woolly-type thread for the lower threading.

S. Hand Sewing Thread
Select according to the thickness and type of fabric.