Fabric Requirements Guide

Found the perfect fabric at the store but not sure how much to get? You're not alone. While you'll get a feel for how much material you need after making several dog outfits, if you're still getting the hang of it, use the guide below as a handy reference to calculate the fabric yardage required.

Check the Width of Your Fabric

Fabric widths are typically standardized and categorized as follows:

  • Single width (90–92 cm)
  • Standard width (110–120 cm)
  • Semi-double width (135–140 cm)
  • Double width (150 cm)

The amount of fabric length (yardage) needed varies with the width, so be sure to confirm this before making a purchase.

Lay Out Your Pattern on the Table

Arranging your patterns according to the fabric’s width allows for a more precise calculation of the required yardage.

If the pattern indicates a ‘wa’ or a fold symbol, it means you should align the pattern with the fold when the fabric is doubled over. Also, remember that the arrows on the pattern denote the direction of the fabric grain, so ensure you don’t lay it sideways.

Use the Back Length as a Benchmark

For dog clothes, the back length is often the longest part, so it’s a good rule of thumb to use the back length plus some extra (for seam allowances) as your guideline. While it’s advisable to err on the side of having more fabric, remember that pattern matching may require additional excess.