About Our Patterns

All milla milla patterns come with seam allowances included. Unless specifically stated otherwise, the default seam allowance is set at 1cm, with any variations clearly marked in the recipe as 'seam allowance ⌀ cm'.

For knit sewing beginners, we recommend taking a more generous seam allowance. In such cases, it's advisable to add an additional 1.5 to 2cm to the seam allowance before cutting out the pattern. Draw the new seam line on the pattern before proceeding to cut.

1. Understanding Pattern Symbols

Our milla milla patterns feature various symbols, common in dressmaking, which are handy to familiarize yourself with for frequent use.

  • Grainline:
    Indicates the direction of the fabric's warp threads. When positioning your pattern, ensure that the grainline on the pattern aligns parallel with the fabric's warp.

  • Finished Edge Line:
    This line shows the contour of the garment when completed. If you wish to sew along the finished edge, transfer this line onto your fabric.

  • Stitch Line:
    Marks where to apply stitches on your fabric.

  • Fold Line ('wa' in Japanese):
    The fold line is marked as 'wa' and is used when you're cutting on the fold of the fabric. Match the 'wa' on your fabric with the 'wa' on your pattern when cutting.

  • Notches (Alignment Marks/Sewing Stops): These marks are used to align pieces to prevent misalignment during sewing. They indicate where to start or stop sewing and where to attach pieces such as collars or pockets.

2. How to Adjust the Size

At milla milla, we offer around 10 sizes per design, but if you aim to tailor your dog's garment for a perfect fit, consider adjusting the 'body length,' 'girth,' and 'neck circumference' of the pattern. Below, we present a simple guide to making these adjustments.

Adjusting Body Length

To adjust the body length, cut along a line drawn at a right angle from the midpoint of the side seam to the center line on both the front and back body pieces.

To Lengthen the Body

Ensure the side seams remain equal in length. If you wish to lengthen by 3cm, shift the lower half of the body piece down by 3cm and redraw the side seam (indicated by the dotted line).

To Shorten the Body

Again, keep the side seams equal. To shorten by 3cm, shift the lower half of the body piece up by 3cm and reconnect the side seam (indicated by the dotted line).

Adjusting Girth and Neck Circumference

Use the back body pattern piece for adjusting both girth and neck circumference.

To Increase Size

To enlarge the girth by 3cm overall, move the back center line outward by 1.5cm and smoothly connect the neckline and hemline (indicated by the dotted line).

To Decrease Size

To reduce the girth by 3cm overall, shift the back center line inward by 1.5cm and redraw a gentle curve for the neckline and hemline (indicated by the dotted line).